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Customer Testimonials

Service - Springfield, IL

Dear S&K, We blew a transmission on I55 with our Chevy Suburban pulling a travel trailer Thursday Dec26th. We're from Iowa and knew no one in Springfield. After asking around we got the name S&K and went on the Internet and got their number. AJ Brown went to work and got us a tow truck and towed our trailer himself to S&K. Within 24 hours it looks like he'll have us back on the road. This, to me, is beyond all expectations. If we were going to break down, this is the place without a doubt! Thank you AJ and all the S&K Dealership for your outstanding service! Tom and Teri Wilton, IA
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Sales (New) - Springfield, IL

Mr. Stuart Gibbs made shopping for a new vehicle a pleasure not a chore. He was knowledgeable, professional, and courteous as a sales consultant at S & K Buick/GMC. I won't hesitate to do business or refer friends/family to each in the future. Great auto buying experience. Mr. Simon Norton was quite easy going, non-pressuring and helpful during the financial and after sales experience at S & K Buick/GMC dealership. He was much more approachable than with my last buying experience at another dealership.
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Sales (New) - Springfield, IL

Very friendly and helpful. Tried to get us the best deal for the money. They were upfront and very honest. They delivered on the price point we were quoted when we went to finance the vehicle. I would buy from them again.
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Sales (Used) - Bloomington, IL

Hank Diaz was great! Very Personable and friendly. He really made my Dad and I feel comfortable with our purchase. The car is excellent! I have already put 3000 miles on it.. Can't stop driving it!
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Sales (Used) - Decatur, IL

I can not believe how amazing of an experience my husband and I had at this dealership. After visiting countless dealerships not finding the car we wanted or salesmen driving around with us, talking about illegal activities they participated in or asking us 3824983 questions and needing so much information when we were just browsing it was SO refreshing being at a dealership where the people were down to earth and just amazing to work with. Jose got us the car we were looking and more all for a price that fit our budget. Also this was the fastest I have EVER gotten out of a dealership, less than 3 hours. No hoops to jump through, no waiting on banks to approve a loan just fast service. I would highly recommend this dealership and their salesmen to anyone looking to buy a car. It might be weird to say but Jose didn't pressure us into buying the car at all, he could care less if we bought one but he sure as heck worked hard when we decided :) Oh and Simon did amazing with all the paperwork- so fast and professional! <3 Seriously best dealership ever!
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Service - Sherman, IL

This place has horrible service and will cost you a lot of money along with disrespect from clueless employees. They gave me a diagnostic on my car for a PASSENGER door being broke and i was told i needed a DRIVER's door module. I was already told by 1 Stop Auto Shop that I needed a module for the door but without the proper test, which only certain places have due to high cost, could not be sure. I then took it to S&k at the recommendation of 1 Stop. i went to autozone to get parts for something else already getting fixed and they told me to try landmark cadillac because they might be cheaper. To my surprise it was whole $100 cheaper. I called back to verify the price at S&K and A.J. Brown, the service manager that made this a horrible experience, immediately caught an attitude and told me "well take it over there then." I am a Soldier and a single parent. We don't make a lot of money and every penny counts so i went over to landmark. I called again to ask what exactly i needed and i was told a DRIVERS DOOR MODULE. I said why would i need that for a passenger door. He cut me off and said again, very rudely, A DRIVERS DOOR MODULE! i said ok i'll tell them. I went to landmark but I did not get another $90 diagnostic because i figured that would be ridiculous and trusted A.J. Brown. I said why would they say i need this part for the passengers door and landmark said with it being electrical it could be causing an issue in the other door but had no way of knowing without the diagnostic. The part being electrical cannot be taken out once it's in. The people at Landmark said that the DRIVERS DOOR MODULE that A.J. Brown told me i needed did nothing. A.J. told me they are ignorant and had no idea what they were doing. The guy working on my car has been working on Cadillacs for 35 years according to the certifications on his wall. A.J. said it must be reprogrammed. They said it didnt need it, their diagnosis was just wrong. I went back to S&K expecting a reprogramming and be done with it. A.J. walks back in and said "we went in and it DOESN'T need reprogramming (just like landmark said) it works just fine." I said ?no that's not true the passenger door still does not work.? He said ?but its here for the drivers door.? I said no that door has never had an issue. He said "you brought it here for that and you knew exactly why you brought it here and understood that when you brought it." I'm furious at this point and said, "Why would i bring something that works to see you and you told me on multiple occasions it was the DRIVERS DOOR MODULE. Apparently you didn?t check to see if the door worked." He continued to call me a liar without using the word, completely disrespecting me. They checked the car again and the PASSENGER DOOR MODULE, at $367 and all the time i've taken off work resulting in a loss of over $100 in wages, was the issue! I recorded by video, from my cell phone hip case the whole second conversation as his boss Randy Powell sat there and let A.J. disrespect me again and call me a liar saying that him and his team knew exactly what they were doing and what i asked for. So WHY did this man and his team NOT CHECK THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE DOOR AND HOW IF THE DOOR STILL WORKED WAS IT BROKEN! He told me and his boss that the notes in the computer, which are written by him and his team, not the computer, stated it was that door. A.J. Brown and at this point S&K Buick on Dirksen in Springfield, IL IS A DISHONEST USED CAR DEALERSHIP! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR FOR SERVICE THERE! I cannot speak on the sales teams or the quality of their cars, only on the service teams inability to tell the truth when they make a mistake costing me at this point over $500. I also informed them on video that i have uploaded to Youtube, if you'd like to see it, that i will be taking them to court, the attorney general?s office, and the better business bureau as well as news channel 20.
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Sales (New) - Chicago, IL

All contacts were super friendly. Marc was great to do business with - very informed on his products. Showed us how to work all the gadgets upon delivery. A good experience.
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Sales (Used) - Minneapolis, MN

I was treated as if I had known my sales guy for years. That really made my day. I am in the customer service business. Its so ture the basics go a long way. Hank Diaz was an excellent sales person to have. I would recommend your dealership to anyone of my friends family and strangers alike. Thanks for the great car buying experience.
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Sales (Used) - Des Moines, IA

Hank Diaz did an excellent job of greetng me, setting me up with the financial manager to get the paperwork signed and my car traded in. He went through my old car and made sure everything was out and in the new one before I left. I found the perfect car @ SK I was looking for by surfing on the net. The dealership is 350 miles from where I live. It's too bad they are not closer because I certainly would continue to do business with them in the future.
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Sales (New) - Springfield, IL

Nan C
I recently had a pleasant buying experience at S&K Buick GMC. The salesman Bill Pflug is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is Simply the Best !!!
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